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Healthy Looking Relaxed Hair


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Most of the women who want to straighten their hair will fail to keep it healthy. If you fail to care the relaxed hair properly it can lead to thin or damaged hair due to chemicals used in this process. To use the following method make sure that you are properly trained to use it in a perfect way without causing any damage to the hair.
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It is important to treat the hair before going for the relaxing process by getting protein treatment to keep the hair strong without breaking off. Try to protect the scalp by applying a base cream all over the hair before using the relaxer as it can cause damage to the scalp leading to brittle hair. Leave your hair as it is when the relaxer is on your hair to straighten it without any additional process. You can just part your hair using fingers only if needed. Then rinse the hair using warm water and use a neutralizing shampoo. Avoid scrunching the hair will using a shampoo to wash the hair. Get a deep conditioning treatment on the relaxed hair by using a hooded dryer that can restore the moisture in your hair to get a healthy look. Try to rinse the deep conditioner using cold water and stay away from styling tools like a blow dryer and flat iron. You can use roller set on your hair when it slightly damp and sit under hooded dryer.
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