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Methods To Hide Undertones in Your Hair


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There are few women who like to lighten the hair to create a unique look. But during this process they may end up with brassy looking hair that can be taken care only by a professional hairstylist. But you can just hide the undertones in the hair by following these simple techniques. Before using any type of styling method make sure to consult a hairstylist.
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First select ash shade for hiding the gold undertones in case you are not planning to change the hair color depth. This will counteract golden tones in the hair to achieve a neutral shade. Try to lighten your hair using a color to indicate blue or violet base to counteract the tones. It is important to get strand test to make a bigger change in your hair color. Try using the right methods during the lightening process which can lead to brassiness. Mix a coloring solution to use it on the hair as it can help to control gold-orange color in the hair. It can also neutralize gold undertones after coloring process and use a shampoo to wash the hair that have been specially designed to control the yellowness in your gray hair. Make sure that the shampoo contains a drabber that can be deposited temporarily in your hair to control the yellowness. Try adding a iron filter in the shower to avoid brassy looking hair that is occurred by the iron available in the tap water.
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