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Add Volume To Crimped Hair


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A crimped hairstyle is one of the most unique way of styling the hair. You can also add volume to a crimped hair very easily by following few simple methods. This style can make anyone look new with its completely unique way of styling the hair. You must have patience and use a crimping iron to achieve this look. Just follow these simple steps to get this look without spending too much time.
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First wash the hair as usual using cold water and use a towel to dry the hair. Next spread a volumizing mousse all over the hair starting from root to tip of the hair. Blow dry the hair with a cool setting to prepare for the crimping process. Use the round brush to make the hair straight during the blow drying process or a flat iron. The crimping iron must be set in high heat setting and divide the hair from hairline as a 3 inch section. Open plates of your crimping iron to keep it at the roots of your divided section and keep it for about 4 seconds. Continue this method all over the hair till you get to the tip of your section. Then backcomb the hair using rat-tail comb to add more volume that can give a volumized look to the hair. At last spread a little amount of wax all over the hair and mist it with a hairspray to get into the look.
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