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Hairstyle With Pom Pom


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Pom pom is hair accessories that can be used on your hair to get a beautiful and unique look. It is mostly worn by kids and teenagers, but even other can wear it to achieve a young look. It is very easy to use in on the hair that is short or long in length. Try to get the pom pom that is small in size to fit into your hair. You must also add the pom pom at the end of the braid to make it look perfect.
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First brush the hair completely to remove the bumps and part it straight in the middle of the head. Secure the hair with a ponytail holder on each side of the head ear level. You can use a glue stick in the hot glue gun and add a small amount of glue over the center of the ribbon. Now keep the base of your pom pom on the glue in the ribbon and put pressure on it very gently to attach it with the ribbon. Use the same method on the other ribbon that will be used on your head. Keep both the hair bows to dry for about 2-3 hours to make the glue to set. Now you can use both hair bows to tie around the pigtail and make sure to keep the pom pom on top of the head. Secure your pom pom bows by making a small knot under the pigtail.
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