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Using Peroxide To Bleach Hair


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Bleaching hair can be done in different ways using various products. You can also use a peroxide to do the bleaching process as it is considered to be very cheap as well as easy process than other bleaching process. You must be careful while using the peroxide on your hair as it must not fall on the skin and into your eyes.
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First wash the hair and towel dry it before brushing the hair to remove the tangles. Then spritz all over the hair using peroxide mixture on top layers of your head. Try to lighten the hair using few shades throughout the hair starting from root to end. Then drench the hair with peroxide mixture and brush the hair during application process. Leave the peroxide on the hair for about 45-60 minutes and rinse your hair. It is important to leave the peroxide for a long time to make the hair lighter and make sure not to exceed more than one hour as it can cause damage to the hair. Use this technique until you get the desired color in the hair and get deep conditioning treatment. Then apply the peroxide every day depending on hair to achieve the correct hair color. Try to use heat on the hair to make the bleaching process fast by sitting in the sun. You can also use a blow dryer by wrapping the hair using aluminum foil. Try heating the foil with high heat from the blow dryer.
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