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Effects Of Rebonding Hair


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Taking care of a rebonded hair is very important as it can cause frizz. Rebonding the hair with chemicals can break down your hair and there is no need to use a flat iron further to straighten the hair. The rebonding can cause lot of problems to the hair. It is important to do the rebonding process with the help of a hair specialist to avoid causing problem to the hair.
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The most major problem caused by hair rebonding is hair damage where your hair can become brittle and start to break very easily. But the new hair growth can solve this problem if you have maintained the hair in a proper conditon before the rebonding process. To make the rebonding perfect it must be done close to the scalp which will make the hair shaft look similar. Exposing the scalp to chemicals during this process can cause skin to itch that can be more uncomfortable. The roots of the hair can become brittle if you leave the rebonding chemicals too long breaking the hair at the roots. It is very important to maintain the hair with proper care after the rebonding process and make sure to condition it. Once you have undergone the rebonding process, keep your hair away from any chemical process for about 6 months. After washing the hair during this period, use a towel to dry the hair instead of using a blow dryer for a healthy hair.
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