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Highly Textured Bob


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Highly textured bob is a short hairstyle that can be created on any type of hair. Most of the people like to wear bob hairstyle. But wearing it big can give a very unique look. There is no need to follow any special process to achieve this style. There are different methods of styling a bob and this one is part of it. It can be achieved within minutes if you have a short hair.
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Start the styling process with a day old hair because washing the hair can make it loose. Use a curling iron to add a soft movement to your hair beginning from the front of your head. Take a vertical section from front of the head towards two inch down from your roots and wrap it around a curling iron. Those who have a thick hair can separate the hair into just two parts and take horizontal part from one ear to another. Then secure top section up and begin the styling from the bottom section. Next use the same technique on the other section that was secured on top. Try to curl vertical sections down and switch direction of the curls on each section for a textured look. After curling all the sections of your hair use you hands to brush the hair to create loose curls. If you want try to mist the hair with a hairspray to keep it in place or scrunch it using your hands.
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