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Hot Rollers To Create Ponytails


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Ponytails are usually worn to keep the hair away from your face, but now it has become a fashion among most of the women. It is worn by many people all over the world in different ways. You can also use hot rollers on the ponytail to achieve a unique look. Here is a method that can be used to achieve this look.
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To create this style, first brush the hair from the forehead and keep your hot roller just underneath ends of the hair to roll it toward the forehead. Try to wrap the hair around your roller and keep it in place using a plastic clip. Next use another roller from front to the back of your head just like a Mohawk from forehead to nape of the neck. Make sure to keep each section of the hair about 2-3 inches wide before setting the roller behind previous roller. Now roll the hair at the sides of your head into sections below your Mohawk and leave the roller in your hair for about 15 minutes. Then remove the rollers from your hair and turn the head upside down to mist it with a hairspray. Now collect the entire hair on top of the head to create a ponytail and wrap it with an elastic band. Try to tuck the hair that is loose under the elastic band. At last use your fingers to fluff the curls and mist it with a hairspray.
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