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Methods To Prevent Static Hair


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Static hair can cause lot of problems for most of the people as it is very difficult to control. This problem usually occurs due to static build-up when the hair is completely dry. If you are facing a static hair problem the hair at the end will stand each time when you comb it. Keeping your hair moisturized is the most important thing to prevent hair static.
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To start the styling process, first as usual wash the hair using moisturizing shampoo and use a hair conditioner that will help to reduce static build-up. Use a towel to dry the hair and avoid using any electric hair dryer as they can remove the moisturizer and conditioner from the hair. If required try to use ionic ceramic dryer that has been specially made to take out the static charge from the hair. Brush the hair with a wooden comb s the plastic comb can create the static charge making the hair to stand at the end. Try using different combs to check whether the hair is still static. You can also use a dryer sheet on the hair remove the static build-up from the hair. While brushing the hair during dry conditions, use a Static Guard in the comb. Try to wear cotton hats during the winter season where most of the people face the static hair problem. Avoid wearing a wool or polyester hats as they can increase the static build-up very easily.
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