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Semi Permanent Hair Coloring


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A semi permanent hair color is mostly used to cover the gray hair on your head. You can also use his hair color to achieve a unique looking hairstyle. This color stays on the hair for about 6-10 washes with a shampoos and it is also considered to be low in ammonia. You must apply the semi permanent hair color again when the hair begins to fade. Just follow this step to use the hair color without getting support from anyone.
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Before applying this color on the hair, go through your hair to look for any damaged condition. Try to deep condition your hair to make it healthy to start the coloring process and to prevent damage to your hair. The hair must be completely clean as well as dry without any product buildup. Next read the instructions on the coloring kit before using it on the hair and wear hand gloves before you open the package. Part your hair into various sections to make the product saturate into the hair. Now through the hair using a wide-toothed comb and wear a plastic cap to leave the color to set as per the time mentioned in the directions. Use the hair color starting from front of the head and over towards back. When that time is up, rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear. Rinse your hair fully till the runs out clean and use a blow dryer to dry the hair.
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