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Cap Technique To Color You Hair


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There are different ways to color the hair and one of them is a simple cap technique. This method is mostly used by hairstylist in a saloon to color the hair. You can get suggestions from a hair specialist before coloring the hair with this method. But this technique can be used even at home by getting support from a friend. Try to start your styling on a day old hair and avoid washing the hair before the coloring process.
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Before starting the styling process make sure to purchase the hairstyling products. Then keep the cap over the head and pull the hair from the hole on the cap using the hook. Try to color your hair in a area which looks is most resistant to hair color removal such as on the crown of your head. Put the hair coloring solution all over the hair on your head and leave it for about 30 minutes or follow the instructions written on the hair coloring kit. Avoid leaving the hair color for a long time as it can make the hair fall out. After reaching the shade of lowlights or highlights try to rinse the hair while the cap is still on top of your head. Now remove the cap to see the hair colored in sections and wash the hair again. The hair can toned only after your hair is completely dried using a towel instead of using a blow dryer.
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