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Curly Weave With Relaxed Hair


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While sewing the curly weave most of them will use a relaxer on the natural hair cover tracks occurred due to the weave. But this method can spoil the hairstyle that you are creating. Here is a simple method that can be used to mix a relaxed hair with curly weave. If you are unable to do this on your own try to get help from a hairstylist for safe and best results.
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First wash the hair a then condition it as usual. Use a leave-in conditioner all over the hair to make it smooth and blend your natural hair as well as the weave together during this process. Use a towel to dry the hair and finger comb the hair to remove the tangles. Next use a nonalcoholic hair gel all over the hair and finger comb your hair again. Now add wave clips at different angles in the natural hair by moving on top and sides of the head to make the hair dry on its own. Once the hair becomes dry take out the wave clips and make the hair to blend with the weave using your fingers. Wrap the hair using a silk scarf before going to the bed. It is important to use a relaxer on the hair at least once in four weeks to keep the hair blended with the weave. Secure all the ends of your hair before using the relaxer to avoid frizz in the hair.
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