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Methods To Remove Buildup Of Hairspray


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If you are using hairspray regularly on your hair there are chances of hairspray buildup that can make the scalp become greasy. The best way to avoid this is using the hairspray evenly all over the hair and not in one place on your head. Hairspray is the best solution to keep any hairstyle in place for a long time. There are few who like to use more hairspray on their hair that can cause buildup and it can be removed by using the following technique.
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Start the process by taking a shampoo in a bowl and mix it along with on tbsp of baking soda. Try to mix both of them together to create a paste form. Start applying the paste all over the hair and massage it gently. Then rinse the hair o remove the paste completely and apply it again in case the hairspray buildup is seen on the hair. Use a hair brush to spread the mixture all over the hair. At last use a conditioner all over your hair and make sure to follow the instructions on the conditioner for better results. You can also try out apple cider vinegar over the hair and wash it using a shampoo. Rinse your hair only with cold water during this process. Take a cup of apple cider vinegar and use it on the areas which have the hairspray buildup. At last use a hair conditioner to get rid the smell of apple cider.
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