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Dealing With 4B Relaxed Hair


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A 4B hair is known to be very coarse when compared to other black hair. When it is relaxed, the chemical bonds in the hair will get broken to make a straight hairstyle. This hair must get proper maintenance to keep it without breakage. Taking care of a 4B relaxed hair is very simple that can be done by following these steps. It is very important to maintain a relaxed hair which ever type it is to maintain the hair healthy.
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Try to wash the hair once in 8-10 days using a moisturizing shampoo as the natural oil in your hair will make it weigh down. Condition the hair immediately after washing it to restore the moisture because washing the hair with a shampoo can make it dry. Use a hood dryer for about ten minutes leaving the conditioner on your hair and rinse the hair using cool water. Try to wrap the hair by just combing it using a wide toothed comb and secure it in place using bobby pins. Get haircut on the ends at least once in 6-8 weeks to keep the hair healthy. The ends of your hair will suffer the most when you use a relaxer which can make it split over time. Getting regular trim at the ends of your hair can make it healthy and it will also help in growing the hair. If you are unable to maintain the 4B relaxed hair it can give a hard time in future.
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