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Feather Pattern Hairstyle


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Feather pattern hairstyle is a unique way of styling the hair that has layered locks on the shoulder. It is soft hairstyle that can easily add body to your hair. This style can be achieved with a layered cut along with few simple techniques. Here are few simple steps that can be used to achieve this hairstyle without any special techniques.
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To get this style, first try to wrap the vertical sections in your hair around a hot roller and start rolling your hair from the front part towards back of the head to create barrel curls. Mist your curls with a hairspray and brush it gently. Now make vertical slice in your hair where feathered style will start till it ends which is normally just behind your ear. Wrap your hair in a round brush starting from front to back and use send warm air on your hair brushing from the beginning near the roots. Slide your hair through the hair brush and roll it toward back of the head. Again send warm air on your hair that can help to seal follicles and ad more body. Now you must blow dry vertical sections of the hair and brush it starting from back of your head till the front. Try to keep the new layer of your feathered hair on the last layer to create a feathered look. At last mist the hair with a hairspray to get into the look.
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