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Hairstyle With Drastic Highlights


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Hair color can be worn drastic to achieve a very unique look. Adding drastic highlights on your hair can easily change the look dramatically. It can be fun to wear highlights on your hair, but there is no need to go to a saloon to achieve this look. Make sure that your hair much lighter in color before taking out the lightener and also avoid using violet-based toners on the white hair. Here is a simple process that can be helpful in achieving this look.
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First you must check the color level by using color swatches before selecting the color for highlights. Try to make add a dramatic effect near your face by dividing the hair in a triangle shape about one inch in diameter at the hairline. Make sure end of triangle must face back of your head. Start using the bleach lightener on your sectioned area to saturate it till the scalp, but keep distance from the scalp. Now use a aluminum foil over your bleached area which must be about a level below the hair color selected for the highlights. You can also divide the hair into more sections by using horizontal cut directly over your middle part. Try to saturate your parting using the lightener and then cover it in aluminum foil. Now use the demi permanent color after removing hair lightener and if you find any red tones use an ash or neutral toner to create light blond look.
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