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Using Diffuser On Your Hair


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A diffuser can be used on any type of hair to make it curly. It is mostly used by every won who like to achieve beautiful looking curls in their hair. The diffuser can be used along with a blow dryer on the larger part of the hair. This tool can also reduce the frizz in the hair and add more moisture to support the curls. It is very easy to use a diffuser on your hair without getting help from anyone. The hair can get extra body while using the diffuser if you have a wavy hair. Use the following method to style the hair with a diffuser.
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Start your hairstyling by using a leave-in conditioner all over the hair and brush it using fingers. Mist your hair using a curl-defining product and separate it into five sections. Keep ends of the section in place and try to shake it to create natural curls. Then mist roots of the hair using a volumizer and divide your hair into three inch sections securing it with a duckbill clip. Use a blow dryer with medium heat to dry your roots by keeping the diffuser near the scalp over the duckbill clips. Then keep ends of the section of your hair into diffuser and give a lift toward the scalp. Keep the blow dryer to make the entire section dry by using the same method all over the hair. Take the clips from your hair and mist it with hairspray.
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