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Crinkly Looking Hairstyle


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A crinkle hair will have waves as well as crinkles in them that will help to reduce various textures of the hair. You can make your hair to become crinkly in about two hours by following this simple method. There is no need to follow any special method to achieve this style as it can be done by using a simple crinkle iron. Try to create this hairstyle by dividing your hair into sections to make the hairstyle look good.
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Start the styling by washing the hair as usual using a shampoo and try to condition it normally. Rinse the hair well and use a dryer to dry the hair. Then spread a little amount of gel all over the hair and make sure it is evenly distributed. Part the hair with the help of a comb into four different sections and create a part just horizontally near the ear level as well as vertically down middle of your head. Keep the clamps over the two sections on top of the head and at the bottom left section. Now try to straighten the remaining part of the hair remove the secured hair on by one. Take a small section of your hair to crinkle it using a crinkle iron. Use the crinkle iron from the scalp and move your way downwards at the end of the hair. Avoid using the styling tool on your hair for a long time as it can be harmful.
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