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Hairstyle With Sassy Extensions


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Hair extensions are of different types that must be selected carefully to look natural. There are few hair extensions that can be fake and it can spoil your look completely. But sassy hair extensions are considered to be best as they have been specially made by using human hair that can be a perfect choice to achieve a beautiful looking hairstyle. The most important thing to make the sassy extensions look natural is attaching them with a proper method. Here is a simple process that can be followed to create a hairstyle by adding sassy hair extensions.
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To add the sassy extensions to your natural hair, first take about 2/3 of hair on top of the head and secure it in place as you will be working only with the lower section of hair. Now pull about 1/4 inch section of hair from the unsecured hair and tease it properly to make it easier for hair extensions to get attached. Mist the teased part with a hairspray and secure it with a clip. Now take section of hair that was secured on top of the head to make it fall on its own. Take the lowest layer from the previously secured hair and secure top half of the hair. Secure another part of the extensions over the newly teased hair. Try to attach the side pieces of your hair extension with the same method and try to tease your hair as per your desire.
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