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Methods To Color A Stripped Hair


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Stripping hair can change its color which can lead to hair damage. Coloring the hair with extreme color can be difficult to remove, so stripping the hair can be one of the best options to get rid of the color in your hair. But coloring the hair again with darker color can be a challenging process for the beginners. You can also get from a hairstylist for the first time and then color the hair as per their suggestions.
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Before starting the styling process, first your stripped hair must be deeply conditioned and leave it for about five minutes. Then blow dry the hair and rinse the hair. Now take the hair coloring kit and follow the directions written on it to change the base color to a normal hair color. Next color the hair with a hair color that you want to use and follow the direction again as per the package. Rinse the hair again and rinse it to achieve the darker hair color. Avoid using a blow dryer to dry the hair and leave the hair without washing for at least two days. Then you can get a deep condition treatment on your hair which will help to prevent damage cause by hair stripping and coloring. You can also get a haircut after stripping as well as coloring to get rid of the damaged ends. Also avoid stripping and coloring the hair during the same day as it can cause permanent damage to the hair.
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