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Pulled Back Hair Waves


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Pulled back hair waves can give a very beautiful look and it can be worn for a special event such as a wedding. It is a beautiful way of styling the hair to create a unique look and there is no need to get help from anyone to achieve it. This hairstyle can be created perfectly when you have a long hair and those who have short hair can wear hair extensions to achieve it. To achieve this style, use roll hot curlers to roll your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes.
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Now try to remove the hair from hot roller to brush it through your fingers to make the hair loose. Then mist the hair with hairspray and tease it with a comb at crown of your head to add more volume. Pull a part of your hair up and try to brush it from underneath. The hair must be combed from the roots and move towards the end of your hair. Use a hairspray again over the teased hair and pull three inch wide part from the hair on top of the head. Try twisting the hair 2-3 times and keep it in place using bobby pins at the back of your head. Continue twisting your hair and securing it in sections all over the head. Make the curls to loosely fall behind your head or you can also create a braid with this hair to suit your look.
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