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Taking Care Of Moldy Hair


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A moldy hair can give a hard time for most of the people. This problem can occur due to wet hair or hairstyles that are left for a long time on your hair. The most usual reason for a moldy hair is known to be improper rinsing as well as drying after washing the hair with a shampoo. Those who have hairstyles such as a ponytail, dreadlocks, weaves and others can become a victim of a moldy hair. Here are few techniques that can be used to control the moldy hair.
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The moldy hair can be removed by washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo. Try to rinse your hair using warm water before applying the shampoo and leave the hair to dry completely before creating a any hairstyle. Always remember to style the hair as per your desire only it becomes fully dry. The moldy hair can be taken care with oil spray such as a tea tree oil, pungent essential oil as well as grapefruit seed oil. Take 2 tbsp of grapefruit oil along with 2 cups of water and mist it all over the hair to control strong odor from tea tree oil. Vinegar can also be used to solve the moldy hair problem as it is considered to be very safe when your dilute it in the water. The odor of the vinegar can be offensive and you can just try vinegar spraying along with a clarifying shampoo.
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