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Gorgeous Waves With Straight Hair


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Waves can be created with any type of hairstyle, but it can look good if you create it on a straight hair. It is very easy to achieve gorgeous waves in your hair by using a curling iron or a hot roller. These products will make the air to go through your hair to them dry hair faster.
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To begin the styling, first wash the hair using a normal shampoo and towel dry the hair. Then spread a small amount of hair gel. Take the hair in front of the head with the medium rollers and divide a section narrower than roller and keep the hair ends in front of your roller to roll it backwards till your reach the scalp. Use the same method all over the sections that was divided in your hair. Try to roll the hair vertically at the back and sides of your head. You can create waves as well as volume in the hair using the large rollers including front and top sections. The larger section of hair can be wrapped to create loose curls. Keep the strand ends behind your roller to roll it toward the scalp by keeping it at the front of your roller. Leave the curlers overnight to dry and make sure to cover it with a cap. Remove curlers gently to make the curls to fall on the shoulders. At last use your fingers to comb the hair to end the styling process.
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