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Hairstyle With Voluminous Bob


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There are different ways of styling the hair with a bob, but first you must have the required volume in your hair to create it. Bob hairstyles have been popular from a long period of time where it is worn in different variations. Here is a simple process that can used to create a voluminous bob.
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To create a voluminous bob, first as usual wash the hair and use a conditioner suitable for your hair. Then rinse the hair again to remove the hair conditioner completely after leaving ot for about 2-3 minutes. Brush the hair with a wide-tooth comb and divide it into seven parts. Keep the parts secured on top of the head such as four at the back and three in the front. Now take bottom parts of the hair and cut it at the nape of your neck to create a blunt cut. Keep your scissors at the back on your hair at downward angle to add the texture by cutting it into top surface. Then take the top layers to cut it underneath by snipping downward to make the thick hair easily movable. Now take the top part of the hair straight down in front of the head and make sure that both sides of your head have equal size of hair. While cutting the hair, try to lower your hair about 1 inch at a time. Finally brush the hair and look in a mirror to look for uneven cuts.
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