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Wave Textured Hairsyle


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Most of the women who have coarse hair can create perfect wavy hairstyle, but only if their hair is more than two inches long. It is very difficult to create a wavy hair until you have the length to achieve it. Here are few techniques that can be used to create a wave textured hair. Always use a soft bristle hair brush to comb the hair to avoid breakage in your hair.
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Before going into the styling process, first wash the hair and condition it before moving further. Then dry the hair completely and keep a medium heat rag over the head for about 2 minutes to make the hair strands loose. Put the hot rag on your hair at least 2-3 times before continuing with the styling process. Comb the hair using a soft brush from crown to end of the hair. Now use the wave texturizer in your fingers to apply it over the hair. Try to spread the wave texturizer using your fingers only and avoid using any tools to do this. Finger comb the hair from your crown towards outside. Wrap the hair with a bandana before going to bed in the night to keep the hair perfectly managed. Follow the same method for a month to achieve the waves in your hair. Make sure to leave your hair without washing for a week and avoid getting a haircut for a month to keep the hair waves intact.
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