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Creating Big Curls With Straight Hair


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Creating big curls hair with curly hair can be easily done without putting any effort, but if you are planning to do this with a straight hair you may have to put additional effort. Having a straight hair is a very difficult position that can spoil your look if it is styled with a wrong tool. Just use the following steps to create big curls with straight hair.
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As usual start the styling by washing the hair and conditioning it. Make sure that your hair has been cleanly washed without any oil content. Then towel dry the hair and comb it using a standard hair brush. Spread a small amount of medium-hold hair gel all over the hair and brush it again. Take a part of your hair in front of the head and twist it till you reach the scalp by holding it at the end of the hair. Try to wrap your twisted part in a hair roller till your scalp and secure it using a hair clip. Use the wrapping method on the other parts of the hair to create large curls. Leave the hair to dry on its own overnight and take out the clip to unwrap your hair to achieve bouncy curls. Use a hair cap on your head while going to bed to cover it properly. You can also use soft rubber hair rollers to style the hair which can make you feel comfortable at night.
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