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Haircut With Clipper Guards


clipper guard haircut clipper guard haircut2
A crew cut can be achieved by following different type of styling techniques and tools. But using clipper guards to create a clipper cut can be the simplest one as they care available with electric clipper that can help to get a stylish look.
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Take first clipper to get a near bald head cut by cutting the edges and sideburns. It can only give about1/8 inch of hair which is almost close to bald haircut. Try to use the second clipper to get a shaded head look as it is about 1/4 inch. The third clipper can be used to create munchichi look. It will be just a bit longer when compared to the second clipper at 3/8 inch. The fourth clipper can be used to get a crew cut. It is about 1/2 inch that is used by most of the people. The fifth and sixth is used to taper the hair with the scalp line at the back and sides of your head. Both the clippers have graduated lengths which are longer at one side when compared to the other. The seventh and eighth clipper is mostly used to style only longer hair. It is about 7/8 inch and 1 inch that can be used to get a short Caesar haircut by trimming the hair sides of longer hair. You can use seventh clipper to cut the hair short and blend it to the sides. The eighth clipper is used to cut top of the hair.
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