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Hairstyle With Purple Overtones


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Having a hairstyle with purple overtones can give a very unique look. It is a bright color that can be worn on any type of hair starting from short to long and wavy or curly. You can color the hair on your own after getting some practice or get support from any if you are doing it for the first time. You can achieve this look by using a highlighting cap or foil.
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First purchase the hair coloring kit with black hair color and apply it on your hair following the directions on the kit. Then wash the hair completely till the water runs out clean and leave the hair for five days. Now wear a highlighting cap and take the hair strands the hole in the cap which will be used for coloring. Try to bleach the hair strands that were pulled through the cap using a tint brush till the hair becomes fully blond. Now remove the highlighting cap and leave the hair as it is for a day. Next day try to condition your hair as usual and wear the highlighting cap again to pull the strands of your hair. Apply the hair color on the strands of your hair that was pulled through the cap by following the instructions on the kit. Now you can wash the hair and style as usual with cold water. It is important to clean the hair properly before starting the styling process.
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