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Knotted Braid


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A knotted braid is a very special way of styling the hair and it can be worn for occasions such as a wedding. It is considered to be difficult to create this style for those who are tying it out for the first time. But if you have done this hairstyle once it can be easily created without getting help from a hairstylist. You must have all the styling products ready before going into the styling procedure such as hairspray, bobby pins and more. Just use the following steps to get this style at home without getting help from anyone.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first mist the hair with water to make it slightly damp and add a small amount of hair gel all over to get rid of any flyaways. Then pull a small part of your hair to separate it as a two different sections. Make another part next to the first part and tie both these parts together like a shoelace. Continue this at least two more times by adding top strands of your hair to the alligator clip. Now pull the first strands below the next two strands to make them interlock again similar to a shoelace. Follow the same procedure all over the head to create the knotted braid and secure it using bobby pins. At last spritz the hairstyle with a finishing hairspray and the loops in your knots will come out slightly to give a unique look.
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