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Hairstyle With Cinderella Bun


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A Cinderella bun is a beautiful way of styling the hair for special events. This hairstyle is mostly liked by kids as they can get a beautiful look with it. It can also be worn by adults with medium to long hair. In this hairstyle, there will be a bun on top of the head that will be created with a unique look. Try to use a normal comb to brush the hair during the styling process.
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Start the styling process by pulling the first half of the hair to create a pigtail and secure it using a hair band. Then take the back of the hair to create a low ponytail and try to twist it. Then pull the hair on top of the head and continue to twist it. Next pull the top of your twisted hair by shaking it and guide it across he hair. Try to twist the hair by adjusting till your hair rolls to your other part. Secure the roll on top of the head using a elastic band and then take the hair from the front. There will be two tails which must be rolled and wrapped as a single tail to create a bun. Wear a hairband and roll the hair into loop till all of your ends form a circle. Keep your loop down across headband and keep it in place with a pin. Mist the hair using a finishing spray all over to end the styling.
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