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Hairstyle With Medium Bob


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A bob can be created on any type of hair in different sizes starting from short long. In the same way, a medium bob can be created slightly blunt haircut to make it move on your head. This haircut has been very popular among most of the women from a very long time as it can make the face look flat. The medium bob is also cut in the same way as the normal bob hairstyle, but styling it in a proper way is very important.
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First apply a hair mousse when the hair is still damp to lift your roots for extra volume. Use a round brush while blow drying the hair with medium heat and move on the strands gently. Then flip the head upside down to use the blow dryer on the hair roots. You can use a flat iron with curved motion over the hair roots and move your way towards the shaft of your hair to make the hair look straight. The bob can be styled as per your desire such as wavy or curly using a barrel curling iron. At last use a styling serum all over the hair and especially at the ends of your hair to add shine to the hairstyle. You can also mist the hair with hold hairspray to keep the waves or curls in place. Try to flip the head to use the hairspray from below the hair to get more volume in your hair.
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