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Methods To Straighten Puffy Hair


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A puffy hair can give a hard time for some of them while the hair. But you can make the puffy hair straight to achieve the desired hairstyle in no time. It is important to follow a proper procedure to straighten a puffy hair without causing any damage to it. You must use straightening irons to make the puffy hair straight, but before using them make sure to mist the hair with heat protective hairspray to avoid any damage.
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First wash your hair as usual and use a hair conditioner to soften the hair controlling the flyaways. Then mist the hair with a straightening serum when it is slightly damp and brush through the hair to spread the serum evenly all over. Now use a blow dryer to dry the puffy hair by dividing it as three different parts such as top, middle and bottom. Use a diffuser along with large bristle brush while blow drying the hair. Take the hair in the brush and press end of your hair dryer over the hair to slide it down to the ends. You can also use a ceramic straightening iron to make the puffy hair straight. Take about half inch wide hair near to your hair root and keep the straightening iron over it to slide it till the end of the hair. At last use smoothing hair oil all over the hair to make the hair relax and finger comb the hair.
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