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Steps To Color Hair Roots


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Most of the people like to change the color of their hair to get a unique look, but you can also enhance the root color to change the look. By coloring the roots you can make the hair color to stay on your hair for a long time without exposing the new hair. It is important to select the hair color that is of lighter shade to color the roots. If you are doing this for the first time follow the instructions on the styling kit properly.
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First put a cloth around your shoulders and wear gloves in your hand to protect them from the hair color. Then take the hair color along with the developer to mix it in a small bowl. Next divide the hair over the right side and color this part of the hair. Now create a part at the right of your head which must be in the middle of top of the head and previous part. Now color this part of the hair just like the previous one. Continue to create sections in your hair such as top, then left side as well as lower left side. Try to color the hair roots along these parts. Leave your hair color as per the time mentioned on the styling package and rinse your hair until it comes out completely clean without using a shampoo. Then condition the hair using a color conditioner which will be provided along with the styling kit.
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