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Treating Hair With Magnesium


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Magnesium can help your hair in many ways and it can also cause damage to the hair. It is very important know the effects of magnesium in your hair to care for the hair. The magnesium is mostly found in the muscle of human body fluids as well as on soft tissue. It is also important in making the bones healthy and helps in the function of muscle tissues. There are lots of other things that magnesium can be helpful.
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If you are going out in the sun for a long time can make the hair dry causing damage. Using a blow dryer excessive brushing can make the hair to fall. Following a balanced diet is very important in maintain the hair. There are few minerals such as magnesium is very crucial to maintain the hair healthy. The hair will start to fall if the body has less magnesium, so consume foods that are high in magnesium such as cashews, navy beans, spinach, almonds and more. Even though magnesium is known to support healthy hair, avoid washing the hair with water that contains magnesium. Hard water usually has lot of magnesium that can make the hair dry and look dull. Apart from hair magnesium is also a perfect mineral that helps the nerve. The magnesium can provide perfect looking hair if you have it in your body in a proper manner, but the only thing to avoid the magnesium is in water.
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