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Coffee To Tint Hair


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Coffee can be used for various styling process, but it can used to tint the hair to get a unique look. It is a safe and natural way of treating the hair to get a dramatic change. It is also very easy to color the hair which can stay temporarily and can be washed with a mild shampoo. Avoid using the shampoo that has sodium lauryl sulfate as they can remove the buildup of natural oil in your hair. You can also use a black tea to achieve almost similar look in the hair.
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Take the coffee which is of dark roast to get an easy color difference. Coffee can be used depending upon the thickness of your hair and avoid using it on the scalp. Then wash the hair with a shampoo and try to condition it before using the coffee. Next keep a bowl below your hair and pour the coffee on the hair. Clean hair will make the coffee to stay on the hair better to achieve a better color in the hair. Add a cup of coffee in the hair and then add two more cups again. Leave the coffee on the hair for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it using cool water. Try to saturate the hair using a conditioner and rinse it using warm water. Use the coffee to rinse your hair at least once in a week and don’t use instant coffee as it has artificial ingredients.
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