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Silky Straight Hairstyle


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The hair can be made silky straight by using various methods, but it is important to select the right one to prevent damage to the hair. It is very easy to make your hair look straight and silky without going through any special method. You must only have few simple styling tools and hair products to get this hairstyle done at home.
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As usual start by washing the hair and conditioning it. Then dry the hair using a towel and brush it fully to remove the tangles. Use a styling gel over your hair to add light hold and leave it to dry on its own. When the hair is slightly damp, part it toward the side of your head and brush it with narrow-toothed comb. Then separate the left out hair into five different parts and secure each of them individually. Next comb the hair again with a round brush and roll your hair at the end. Use a blow dryer with cool heat on the hair and brush it toward downwards. Use the same technique on the remaining parts of your hair that was secured. Now use a flat iron to press two inch part of the hair to make it straight. Try to use the flat iron from the root to end of the hair. At last use a dime-sized silicone serum to spread it all over the hair and finger comb the hair to get into the look.
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