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Test To Find Out Hair Strength


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Strength of the hair can be tested in various methods which can help to style the hair in different ways. Testing the hair strength is very easily done taking a strand of hair without putting pressure on the entire hair. You can test the strength on any type of hair including curly, wavy or straight hair. You have to pull the hair by looking into the mirror in a proper method and avoid pulling it strongly. Here is a simple and easy process that can be used to check the strength of the hair without going to hairstylist.
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First take a strand of hair over your one ear and make sure to hold it at the root. Then take the strand out firmly to make it stand in its original state without damaging the hair. Keep the hair strand in between thumb and the index finger. Use the other hand to run it down the hair strand starting from top to bottom. Try to pull the hair strand taut for few seconds and let it go loose. In case the hair strands go back to its original position then your hair is in perfect condition as well as in good strength. In case the hair goes back with large curls or it becomes completely straight can lack strength as well as nutrition. Try to give a conditioning treatment to your hair by following a proper technique or get help from a hairstylist.
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