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Uneven Layered Hairstyle


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Uneven layered hairstyle is most versatile way of styling the hair. There is no need to achieve this hairstyle to go to a hair specialist. But you must have practice to cut the hair to get this style at home. Before starting the styling process, try cutting the hair in one side of the head to get some practice. Make the hair to fall around the shoulders without securing them with a hair band.
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Comb the hair fully straight and part it down the middle of your head. Make sure that you point out the place where the lengths of your hair will hang on the head. An asymmetrical style can be cut shorter at one side of the head to achieve this look. Start cutting each layer of the hair straight to get an uneven look. Use scissors to cut the hair unevenly by selecting the clumps of hair. Try to using regular scissors to cut v-shapes at the back o your head and across each layer to keep them all in the same length all over. Put the hair in a hair rubber band before cutting the hair to achieve a unevenly layered look. Cut each little ponytail from the rubber band about one inch and remove the band after cutting all the parts of the hair to make them hang as usual. You can make final touch up with scissors around the shoulders and make the hair to fall free around the head.
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