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Side Part With Layered Hair


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Creating a side part in a layered hair is the simplest way of styling the hair. It can give a voluminous look without adding more volume to the hair. Layering the hair is usually done by those who have a thin hair and it is also used in most of the salons.
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First wash the hair and dry it with a towel till becomes slightly damp. Then brush the hair using the end of a comb to make a horizontal part. Try to brush this part of the hair straight up by sliding it between index and middle finger. Now snip the hair edges to make a straight line and use the same method on the rest of your hair. Part the hair at the side and keep it combed back. Comb this section again upward to slide it in the same way as the previous one. Try to snip the hair ends in a straight line and make the hair fall down to brush it forward. Continue the sectioning of hair and snip the hair ends just like this till your reach back of the head. Now make a part perpendicular to opposite side of present part and go till the other ear. Brush this part of the hair and try to slide it in between the index as well as middle finger.  Snip the hair ends again by cutting pieces of hair till your reach the back of the head.
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