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Creating Cornrows With Synthetic Hair


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Cornrows are one of the most unique ways of styling the hair as it will be secured in rows on top of your head. If you have lengthy hair, this style can be easily achieved, but if you have a short hair then try to add extensions to achieve it. You can easily create cornrows with a synthetic hair without putting much effort. There is no need to go to hair specialist to achieve this look as it can be done at home without spending too much time.
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Start the styling process by creating a vertical at the side and secure rest of the hair with bobby pins. Now secure the parted section using elastic band and try to brush the synthetic hair to remove tangles. Then fold synthetic hair and hold both the halves in your hand. Place synthetic hair over the hair using elastic band to loop it around your hair. You will have three lengths in the hair including left length, middle synthetic length along with real hair and right length. Try to braid your synthetic hair along with real hair by just pulling right synthetic length on top of middle length and taking left length on top of your middle length. Then pull the right length on the middle synthetic hair length and resume this process till the hair comes to an end. Now you can style the hair as per your desire by pulling the synthetic hair.
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