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Kelly Ripa Haircut


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Kelly Ripa has been wearing different type of hairstyles, but the most worn is the short hairstyle. There is no need to follow any special technique to get her look as it can be done without putting any hard work. But you must be thorough in cutting the hair to achieve her look. It can be a perfect hairstyle for those who have a naturally straight or slightly wavy hair.
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To get this hairstyle, first you must try to create subtle layers in your hair which will add more movement as well as bouncier. Next try to cut the hair like a long bob type where you can add the subtle layers at the last two inches on your hair and it will help to add more body in the hair during the styling process. Then try to add layers around your face which must be usually kept shorter. It must begin at the chin length and mix it along with the length as well as longer layers. The shorter layers can help to add lot of movement around your face and flip your hair back off the face. This will help to show the waves that can be created using the hot rollers by following a simple method. At last apply a little amount of hairstyling wax all over the hair to define them using your fingers. Add more styling wax at the end of your hair to add more dimensions.
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