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Down Hair Poof


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Having a poof in the hair can be a beautiful look and it can be worn along with various hairstyles. One of the way to wear a poof is with hair down. This style can be achieved within few minutes and it can also give a stylish look. It can be worn on any type of hair including wavy or curly and in different size. Make sure to keep all the tools ready before starting the styling to save more time while creating it.
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To get this style, first brush the hair using wide-tooth comb to remove the simple tangles. Then pull a part of the hair from the forehead which can be used to create the poof. Make sure to have equal amount of the hair on both the sides of your head. Now tease the part using rattail comb that can add more volume to the hair. Try to twist this part loosely and push it forward to create the poofs. Avoid twisting the hair more than twice and in the same way do no push it more. Next hold the part of your hair using bobby pins and take the strands which are long to create the bangs if necessary using rattail comb. You can leave the remaining hair to fall down on its own. At last spritz the hair with a firm hold spray to keep the hairstyle in place and you can also use a hair accessory.
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