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Hairstyle With Wave Braid


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Braids can be created in different ways, but making it with waves can give a completely unique look. It can be easily created if you have a long hair without using any styling tools that provide heat. This hairstyle can keep the hair healthy and there is no need any special maintenance required for it. Just use this simple method to create this look without going to a hair specialist.
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To get this look, first use a shampoo to wash the hair and moisturize it with a proper conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair about 2 minutes and rinse it with water. Then add a quarter-sized amount of gel in your hands and work it through the hair for distributing it evenly all over. Next divide the hair as various parts using wide-toothed comb. To create tight waves, try to separate the hair into small parts about one inch wide and for subtle waves, separate the hair into 4-5 large parts. Start braiding the hair and hold it in place using a hair band at the end. The braid must start from your scalp to create voluminous waves and start it about two inches away from the root to get a sleeker look. Braid the strands loosely for large, gentle waves, or tightly for small, defined waves. At last leave your hair to dry on its own and mist it with a hairspray to keep it in place throughout the day.
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