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Low Crop Haircut


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A low crop haircut is the best way to keep your hair short away from the face. This style is very popular among celebrities who want to keep their hair short. If you are planning to achieve this look at home make sure you are good at haircutting. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut completely short and swept across your forehead. It is a perfect hairstyle for a special event like a prom when matched with a proper dress.
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This hairstyle also needs very less maintenance and it can be managed very easily when you are going out. It is also much easier to wash when compared to other similar styles. There are few women who like to create this hairstyle than going for the pixie cut which is also very much similar to the low crop haircut. This style can give a very attractive and striking look when it is matched with a proper outfit and it can easily get attraction even in the crowded places. There are many celebrities such as Grace Jones who used to wear this hairstyle regularly with a slightly updated look. After cutting the hair to create this look make sure to use a hairspray all over it which can help to keep the hairstyle in place and also control the flyaways. This haircut can also be worn till your chin length similar to a bob if you like to make it more unique.
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