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Teasing A Straight Hair


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A teased up hairstyle is an easiest way of styling the hair, but it can be created with a straight hair to get a simple look. There is no need for a hairstylist to make this hairstyle as it is very simple to do at home. You can use a hairdryer on all the strands of your hair to achieve this style and try to keep it away from the hair while using it.
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First brush your hair after washing it using a wide-toothed comb. Then turn your head over and use a hairdryer. Then leave the hair at the base of the neck as it is and secure the rest of the hair. Use a round brush over your neck and take a hairs strand around your brush. Now take another hair strand at the back of the clip that was used to secure the hair and use the hairdryer on it starting from base of the neck to the hairline in the forehead. Next secure the hair near the crown using a hair clip and take another strand of hair to keep it over the head to brush it with a fine-toothed comb. Use the same technique till all of your hair has been teased and then use a small amount of hairspray all over the hair to keep the volume as it is. Finally hold the hair on your crown in place using bobby pins and you can also create a bump over the hairline.
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