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Hairstyle With Tight Taper Cut


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A tight taper cut can give a great look for those who want to keep their hair short. In this hairstyle, the hair will be loner in front of the head and it will slowly become shorter at the back of your head. It is mostly worn by men when compared to women who have this hairstyle very often. Just follow this simple procedure to achieve this hairstyle by using the electric hair clippers.
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Before the styling, first decide the length and shape of the haircut that you are planning to have because it is not reversible. Attach a medium-sized clipper gate with electric clippers and make sure that the gate is properly secured. Start the cutting process from the front hairline and move at the back of your head. Try to cut the hair closer while moving it towards the back. Use the same technique at the side of your head starting from the ears and moving to the center at the back of your head. Make sure that the haircut progresses close while moving at the back. Then cut the hair over top edges on your head using the smaller clipper gate. Now remove take the gate and shave the back of your neck completely. At last cut the hair using sharp scissors as well as cutting comb in the front and sides of your head. Now you can style the hair as per your desire using a hair gel.
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