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Methods To Wash Hair Follicles


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Hair follicles can become dirty due to build up of styling products and it can also make your scalp unhealthy. Most of the people try to clean their hair follicles periodically to revitalize the hair by using a hair-detoxification shampoo. Some of them even go to a saloon to do this process which can consume more time and it can also be expensive. Here is a simple procedure that can be followed to make the hair follicles clean.
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First wash the hair with a coal-tar shampoo and rinse it using warm water. Try to massage your hair gently to create the lather and leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing it from the hair. Another option would by washing your hair with apple-cider vinegar which can help to purify the hair follicles by restoring the nutrients as well as luster. Try to apply the vinegar on the scalp by massaging it for about 3 minutes and rinse it using distilled water. You can also use toxin-washing shampoo to wash the hair by massaging it for about ten minutes before rinsing the hair using warm water. Try to use toxin-washing shampoo again and leave it for another ten minutes for better results. Make sure to dry the hair using a towel and brush it gently. Make sure to try one this process to clean the hair follicles, but you must be careful while using them to prevent any damage to the hair.
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