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Straighten Your Hair Temporarily


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Creating a straight hair can give a new look for those who have curly or wavy hair. Most of the people like to have straight hairstyle but they may fear that it can be a difficult process or their hair may remain straight forever. There are few methods that can be used to make the hair straight temporarily. This process will involve a blow dryer which must be used by keeping it away from the scalp to prevent damage to the hair.
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Start the procedure by using a straightening shampoo on your hair to wash it and rinse it as usual. Then use a towel to dry the hair by blotting and use a leave-in conditioner. Brush the hair using wide tooth comb to distribute the conditioner throughout. Divide your hair into 2 different parts from the center of your hairline till the back of the head horizontally near the nape. Secure the two parts in place as a ponytail using a banana clip and spread a temporary hair straightening cream section by section. Now use a blow dryer to dry the hair along with paddle brush. Try to blow dry the hair with warm setting and do this individually without getting into trouble. Make the air from the blow dryer to flow towards downward starting from the hair roots till the end. Use the blow dryer till the entire hair becomes fully dry and finally use a flat iron to straighten your hair.
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