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Tips To Remove Static Cling


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A dry hair can be very difficult t to manage and if your hair gets static electricity can make it very much difficult to style it. A static sling can occur due to various reasons and removing it can be difficult for some of them. The following is a simple process that can be helpful in controlling the static cling in the hair.
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The most common reason for a static sling in your hair is low humidity, so try to increase humidity levels by using a humidifier. Try to use dryer sheets while brushing the hair with a brush and run it on the hair directly. Mist the hair with a medium amount of hairspray and comb it with a brush when it becomes slightly damp. You can also add a small amount of gel in your palms and spread it all over the hair. Other option would be wetting the hands with water and pat it down or you can also wet the brush before using it on the hair for combing. Try using hand lotion by rubbing it in your hand and spread it throughout the hair which can also help to prevent eh oily look. The final option would be using a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. There are few shampoos that have been specially made for particular hair types and make sure to use a good hair conditioner to add the moisture in your hair after washing it.
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