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Flower Updo


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A flower updo is a very beautiful way of styling the hair which can be worn for special events including a wedding. Most of the women like to wear this hairstyle on regular basis which also includes celebrities as it can give an amazing look. This style can be achieved easily without any special methods and there is no need to support from anyone. You can just use this procedure to achieve the hairstyle at home.
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It is easy to achieve this style, but before beginning the hairstyling try to grow your hair long enough to create the updo. Start by taking your hair at the back of the head to make a normal ponytail and keep it in place using a hair band. Try to secure the ponytail as 5 different parts about half way down your head. Knot the separate parts and try to twist it one by one till you reach the starting place of the tail. Then take another part of the hair to roll it in the same way and make sure it has been rolled to similar to a curl. Hold each part in place using hair pins which is a very important part in this style as it must be done carefully by putting additional effort. Now you can add a flower or any other hair accessories to give it a very unique look. The flower used to style the hair can be natural or even plastic.
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